Pink Fire Pointer A Liberty version of Rachel Comey

A Liberty version of Rachel Comey

Fall is here and this is my first fall project!

Earlier this year, Mister brought back some beautiful Liberty prints from London. I have trained him well! One of the fabrics her got me is this beautiful Jack and Charlie Tana Lawn. When you see it from afar, it looks like a simple polka dot print, but it draws you in because from up close, you can see cute pears. It is a beautiful delicate cotton and the quality of the print is beautiful.

I have been waiting some time for the perfect pattern. I wanted to use these 2 meters to make a simple dress that has something special. I found happiness in the last fall collection from Vogue patterns: a really cool Rachel Comey dress: V1350Lined dress has yoke fronts extending into sleeves, close-fitting bodice with side back seams, raised waist, semi-fitted skirt, side front extends to lower side back, no side seams, mock front bands, and concealed snap closingI particularly like the neckline and the sleeves. I was also intrigued by the curved side seam on the skirt.

After my usual upgrading, I had to make a couple of adjustments. First, and almost as usual, I had to remove ease along the front neckline. Second, I had to raise the lower back seam. Surprisingly, the curved seam was quite easy to sew. You cannot really see it on the finished dress but it's quite a cool line. I really love this dress and it is my fall staple. The lining makes it warmer. It looks great with or without belts, cardigans, and a variety of stockings colors!

The princess seam on the back was quite tricky. The point had to be sewn in was the patch method. This is the first time I attempted it. The result is not too bad! You can see some of the patch fabric a the point but it's still good. If one of you has tips to get it in a smoother way, please let me know. I will try to do better next time.

I also decided to strengthen the armholes with bias inside the seam. I also used the same bias at the waistline. I wanted it rest better at my waist. I love the feel of it nicely snug. It makes the dress feel more precious.

I also love the lining. I avoided bright colors. I did not want a bright orange to peek through because I am planning on wearing bright stockings with this dress and I don't want any clash.

A few more close ups below. I always like how lined garments look like inside out!